Deemed the worst prediction in physics, the vacuum catastrophe may have just been solved.

The vacuum catastrophe is the 122 orders of magnitude discrepancy between the vacuum density at the cosmological scale and that predicted by quantum field theory.  Nassim originally addressed this problem back in 2011, where he demonstrated that if the vacuum energy present in the volume of a proton is expanded to the radius of the Universe, the vacuum energy density of that Universe would equate to the cosmological constant or dark energy. Since joining Nassim in his efforts in 2014, it has been a long four years working on this paper, which we presented in its preliminary stages at the Royal Society Satellite meeting held in 2015 at Kavli Royal Society International Centre in the United Kingdom.

After many distractions, including moving across oceans and going off on tangents into the subatomic world of the electron we were finally ready to be published. On reflection, and as is often the case, everything worked out for the best with the best timing that allowed us to find new relationships including dark matter and dark energy and as well include the complimentary work of others. Please read this article to find out more.

By: Dr. Amira Val Baker, RSF research scientist


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