The Resonance Experience

Experiencing a connected universe is a joy that can’t be described. It has to be felt.

Resonance Experience

The Experience

Would you rather read about an ancient Mayan civilization that may hold answers to some key “mysteries” that we face today? Or would you rather go there, feeling the remaining energy permeating a sacred site, exploring ancient ruins under a stunning sunset before your magnificent dinner with like-minded explorers?

Experiencing a connected universe is a joy that can’t be described. It has to be felt. You can experience this joy in our community of like-minded people dedicated to exploring the world of unified science. You can experience it wearing and working with an ARK® crystal or during a life-altering experience in our Academy, at our live events and on our travel adventures.

Resonance Experience


There’s nothing like the Resonance community. Once you’ve become involved in the Academy, travel, local events, the ARK® crystal and our social media community, you’ll realize that you aren’t alone. It’s the ultimate proof of a connected universe. It’s also the ultimate experience.

Resonance Technology

ARK® Crystal

When you wear and use an ARK Crystal (a Resonance technology), you’ll raise your consciousness, energy, and harmony with others and the world.

A remarkable achievement has been realized in the field of crystal technology with the first-ever development of the Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK®) crystal. It is an important embodiment of the tools to experience the benefits of unified physics. Lovingly hand-made by ARK Crystal LLC, it is the first in a line of many more life-enhancing products from Torus Tech – a unified science technology company spun out of Resonance Science Foundation.

A 25-year project of research and development by Nassim Haramein, the ARK® crystal is a revolutionary technology that greatly boosts the body’s natural ability to connect with the vitalistic quantum vacuum energy at the foundation of all natural processes. Extensive empirical investigations have demonstrated it to have significant effects on water structuring, optimizing biological functions and facilitating growth, vitality and rejuvenation.

Experience the power and potential of the connected universe with the ARK® crystal, and come into harmonic resonance with an inexhaustible source of energy, coherence and connectedness.

Get an ARK® crystal today to begin the ultimate energy experience.

“The fact that we are here, looking back at the universe, wondering how it works, is an incredible miracle.” – Nassim Haramein

Upcoming Events

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There’s nothing quite like a Resonance travel adventure. Join us on an enriching and enlightening journeys to sacred sites where we explore the nearly-forgotten secrets from ancient cultures and gain a new understanding of our place in the cosmos.

The Academy

The Resonance Academy is a vibrant learning community where you can dive into the science behind the connected universe worldview and experience its impact on your life and consciousness. Academy members participate in cutting-edge online courses, in-person retreats and adventure travel, as well as live events in our Virtual Classroom. The resonance experience comes alive in the Academy.


We offer a wide range of events, from travel adventures to Meetups, to community breakouts, faculty Q&A session, and shows such as Conscious Life or Contact in the Desert. See our calendar of upcoming events here.