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The Intersection of Science, Community, and Consciousness can Change the World


We’ve said it before…everything is connected. What might be more interesting is that we have the science to prove it.

Our research team is investigating and analyzing the holographic and entangled nature of the universe, and the fundamental nature of space, time, energy and matter. We are an interdisciplinary scientific research community dedicated to making the important implications and applications of unified science accessible to the public, with the aim of improving quality of life for all.


  • Our Team: read about the brilliant minds that make up our core team of researchers.
  • Our Publications: our team is continually writing and publishing groundbreaking papers and articles.
  • Science News: get all the latest science news from many sources around the world, along with commentaries and reviews.
  • The Academy: learn about the science behind the connected universe alongside Nassim and a community of curious minds from across the globe.
  • Resonance App: science, community, and consciousness at your fingertips coming soon!


Connections are far deeper than science — what matters are the people — including all of us. If there’s one thing we can know for sure it’s that we are all in this together.

We are naturally growing a resonant community of like-minded people dedicated to exploring the frontier of unified science, consciousness research and application. We are learning about our interconnectedness in our online Academy and community retreats and making new discoveries together as we visit sacred sites and uncover ancient knowledge long forgotten. We have a vibrant social media community exploring and sharing unified science content in 12+ languages. We are committed to empowering the growing wave of interest in exploring a unified science worldview and its implications.

Resonance Academy courses and travel adventures enhance your experience of the connected universe alongside this community. They further provide tools and a connection with others that support bringing the unified worldview alive in your life. 

“What we believe to be possible, defines what we are capable of creating.” – Nassim Haramein


Deep understanding comes from experience more than anything, and it is this that leads to lasting change.

Through our consciousness research and programs we are helping people travel this inner journey to unity, a journey needed now more than ever in this ever-changing world. How do we thrive in these times of upheaval and uncertainty?

The change starts within each one of us. We must adopt a new worldview of interconnectedness, recognizing the oneness of all that is, so we can begin to heal ourselves and bring new possibilities of unity and hope to our world.

Here are some ways you can begin to experience this all-important shift in consciousness:


If you are looking to connect with other courageous, smart, aware people, then the Resonance Academy and our global learning community welcome you. We are a group that chooses to continually learn while leaving a positive impact in the world. Together we are exploring the science behind the connected universe worldview and our experience of it in our lives, in our community and in the world, come join us.

There are a number of opportunities coming soon to meet with other curious minds. Share ideas about unified science at our Resonance Retreat in July, or in our soon to be released App! In addition, there are faculty events, expos like Conscious Life, and other events.

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