Introduction to Resonance

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What is Resonance Science 

We are at a significant, decisive time in history. There is no shortage of evidence of the division and disconnection that exists in our world today. But despite outward appearances of competition and separation, we are all searching for the same truth, one that unites us all.

Resonance is a global non-profit based on a theory of unified science by Nassim Haramein. We understand that everything is connected. And we take that even further: we have the science to prove it and the tools to experience it. We strive to understand the fundamental workings of unified science so that we can bring about a critical shift in worldview – one which will empower us to create a harmonious, resonant relationship with the natural world, with our inner selves and with each other.

The name of the Foundation comes from our fundamental concept of resonance, a physics term in which energy (in the form of waves or vibrations) both reflects from and causes other objects to take on the same energy. For example, if you hit a large gong, other similarly resonant objects will also pick up that energy and start to ring. Similarly, if we resonate in our beliefs together, we will each share and grow that energy. And taking the concept even deeper, unified science shows that the concept of resonance is intertwined throughout our entire universe, and that these interconnections can be harnessed to uplift humanity, our planet and our universe.

The Science

Unified Field Theory

Resonance Science Foundation is based on the Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein, which at its simplest states that everything is interconnected. While individuation exist, at the same time everything is connected. This theory provides a scientifically-validated explanation for the concept that in fact, we are all one. Understanding these scientific insights and their greater implications allows for an elevation in social consciousness and a more empathetic worldview once we realize that we are everything, and everything is us.

The Founder

Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein is a world leader in unified physics. He’s spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, and ancient civilizations. These studies led to his groundbreaking theories, published papers and patented inventions in unified science, which have received worldwide recognition. Nassim is currently guiding the Foundation, speaking to audiences worldwide, and continuing his groundbreaking research.



A Holistic Worldview

Resonance recognizes the interconnected, interdependent nature of the universe – that everything is in harmonious relationship. As we understand more of the science behind interconnectedness, we’ve found that we also adopt a more holistic viewpoint. This greater understanding of nature leads to a desire to live in harmony with it… and with each other. Resonance supports this worldview for the betterment of all people, all of nature and the universe as we know it.

Science, Community, Conciousness

Resonance Science Foundation brings the unified worldview to life through three channels: science, community, and consciousness.


We are humanizing science to improve the quality of life for everyone. By building our community of scientists, researchers, students and curious minds of all ages, we are researching and analyzing the implications and applications of unified science in our personal lives and in the world.


We recognize that everything is about people. And so through community, we are bringing together like-minded people to experience unified science. We learn about our interconnectedness and explore the world together, uncovering ancient knowledge long forgotten and making new discoveries with a like-minded community.

In doing so, we work together and support each other in our individual evolutions. We can then each further embody the principle of resonance and create organizations, societies and cultures together which better others and the world


The secrets of the universe are sometimes felt more than seen, and Resonance consciousness programs help people travel this inner journey. Using the precise geometry of nature – and tools like the ARK ® crystal – we are bringing our own lives back into harmony with the power the universe holds.


The Connected Universe Film

The Connected Universe invites ongoing exploration into the science behind the emerging Connected Worldview. Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart and featuring the scientific research of award-winning physicist Nassim Haramein, The Connected Universe offers profound scientific insights that will not only change the world but also change YOUR LIFE. People who have watched the film have said that they emerge with a renewed sense of hope and possibility at a time when so many feel disconnected and deeply concerned about our future. We envision this film inspiring a wide audience of people who are ready to begin the shift towards a future of cooperation and vitality. If you’ve seen the film, why not share your testimonial with us?


Still wondering which aspect of Resonance resonates the most with you? Explore whether it’s the science, the community, or the consciousness aspect … or any mix of them on our Science, Community, and Consciousness page.

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