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Are you curious for a deeper understanding of your human experience?

Nassim and his team offer us some compelling insights on humanity; they pose powerful questions for self-reflection, and they highlight the unique position that the Resonance Academy  holds at the intersection of Science, Consciousness and Community.

About the Film

These art pieces were filmed during the Resonance Retreat by Pete Longworth. Pete and his team setup a studio in one of the faculty houses on the 1440 Campus where they masterfully drew out and intimately captured essential messages from key influencers in our community in an evocative format he calls “Truth Drops”.

“If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of your human experience,
come… explore with us.” — Chris Almida


The Connected Universe Film

For profound insights that are sure to change the way you see your world, watch The Connected Universe, narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Connected Universe film shares breakthrough scientific discoveries that reveal the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Written and directed by Malcolm Carter and featuring the scientific research of our own Nassim Haramein, The Connected Universe offers profound insights that change the way we see the universe… and our place in it. You’ll emerge with a renewed sense of hope and possibility at a time when so many feel disconnected and deeply concerned about our future. This film has inspired a wide audience of people to begin the shift towards a future of cooperation and vitality.

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