An Einstein Rosen bridge, ER or commonly called a wormhole, is a theoretical passage through space and time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. This phenomenon was predicted in 1935 when Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen published a paper showing the existence of a corridor or passage directly connecting one part of the universe to another as part of a black hole-white hole. system. It was the first mathematical description of a wormhole by performing a coordinate transformation on the Schwarzschild equation that removed the region containing the curvature singularity.

Since then, many interpretations and developments of this theory have been made, one of the most famous of them being ER=EPR, another is space travel or time traveling. As Nassim Haramein said, everything is moving even when you think you are not. The solar system with our planet is moving fast in space, leaving like a trail behind with information encrypted inside it. And one could imagine making a bridge between two points distant in space and time.

These space and time travel developments while not yet proven in an experiment have been multiple times interpreted in films, like this recent funny short movie made by Olga Osorio.

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