Academy Science Research Faculty

A team of scientists, researchers, engineers and communicators
committed to exploring unification principles

Resonance Science Foundation

The Science Research Team

The Resonance Science Team consists of scientists, researchers, engineers and communicators committed to exploring unification principles and their implications.

They are led by Nassim Haramein, a world leader in unified physics who spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, in addition to anthropology and ancient civilizations. These studies led to his groundbreaking theories, published papers and patented inventions in unified science, which have received worldwide recognition.

Much like our universe, the exploration of knowledge – otherwise known as science – is continuously expanding at an exponential rate. The unknowns and questions are endless, and so the more scientists on the project, the faster we can answer life’s greatest questions.

The focus of research at the Resonance Science Foundation (as well as sister organization Torus Tech Laboratories) is, of course, aligned with our mission of understanding the common unifying element across all sciences.

That fundamental unifying factor is, of course, SPACE – which in reality is not just empty space as the name imples, but a plenum of energy from which all matter emerges as well. From this understanding, we begin to see a world of familiar shapes, where patterns are repeated across scales. This never ending ‘fractal’ pattern is what unifies science across all scales, from the simple to more complex systems spanning from physics to chemistry, biology, psychology, neuroscience and beyond.

Read on and get to know more about the brilliant minds exploring the universe for answers designed to transform humanity:

Research Faculty

Olivier Alirol, PhD

Dr. Olivier Alirol is a Nuclear Physicist who has worked on the nuclear interactions between X-ray and semiconductor materials.

William Brown, MS

William Brown is a molecular biologist who has performed research in numerous laboratories across the United States.

Amira Val Baker, PhD

Dr. Amira Val Baker is an astrophysicist with a background in experimental atmospheric physics and observational, analytical, and theoretical astrophysics.

Johanna Deinert, MD

Dr. Johanna Deinert is physician, German board certified specialist for general practice, with advanced training in complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) and affiliate member of the Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics.

Inés Urdaneta, PhD

Scientific researcher Dr. Inés Urdaneta is an affiliate member of the Hawaii Institute for Unified physics.

Adjunct Faculty

Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo has offered insights on global transitions, physics, technology, human spirituality.

Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins is the Director of the Resonance Academy. She brings over 20 years of innovation in online education, learning  community development, and whole-system strategic design to the programs and business direction of RSA.

Robert Grant

Mr. Robert E. Grant, 49, is presently the Founder, Chairman and Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown LLC, a growth equity firm based in Newport Beach, CA. He also serves as a Director on the Resonance Science Foundation Board.

Alan Green

Alan is a British, classically-trained jazz pianist, singer/composer, and modern-day polymath.

Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover has long been interested in the intersection of science and all things considered spiritual, so when he first came across Nassim Haramein lecturing at a music festival in 2002, the dots connected.

Marshall Lefferts

Marshall Lefferts is RSF’s President of the Board of Directors, as well as co-author and core faculty of the Resonance Academy’s Delegate Program.