About Resonance

Resonance Science Foundation

Resonance Science Foundation understands that everything is connected, and that we have the science to prove it and the tools to experience it.

With this, we offer a humanized approach to basic questions of the nature of reality.

Resonance Science Foundation is a global non-profit based on Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory. We are building a leading-edge learning community exploring and manifesting a thriving world in resonance. Our goal is to create a world where humanity’s technological and social systems are in a harmonious relationship with nature, earth and the cosmos.

The Resonance Foundation is the intersection of science, community, and consciousness. 

Resonance brings this worldview to life through three channels: science, community, and consciousness.

We are humanizing science to improve the quality of life for everyone. By building our community of scientists, researchers, students and curious minds of all ages, we are researching and analyzing the implications and applications of unified science in our personal lives and in the world.

We recognize that everything is about people. And so through community, we are bringing together like-minded people to experience unified science. We learn about our interconnectedness and explore the world together, uncovering ancient knowledge long forgotten and making new discoveries with a like-minded community.

The secrets of the universe are sometimes felt more than seen, and Resonance consciousness programs help people travel this inner journey. Using the precise geometry of nature – and tools like the ARK® crystal – we are bringing our own lives back into harmony with the power the universe holds.

Through science, community, and consciousness, we strive to understand the fundamental workings of unified physics, which will then lead to a critical shift in worldview – one that empowers us to create a harmonious, resonant relationship with the natural world, with our inner selves, and with each other.



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